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In 2014, we'll be supporting our local NSPCC as the Royal Yacht's chosen charity.

NSPCC Jersey -The Gower Centre

NSPCC Jersey’s new premises in Stopford Road were officially opened in July 2013 by His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor.   The premises - previously the Elim Church – were generously donated to the NSPCC by Jersey resident, Philip Gower.   Led by manager Karen Hughes, the Gower Centre’s team of professional NSPCC practitioners delivers a range of services to the most vulnerable families in St Helier and across the Island. These are: 

‘United Voices’, a children’s participation group for 11 – 18 year olds, meets every month at The Gower Centre. We are keen for young people to have an opportunity to voice their say on the services available to children and young people in the Island.  

Baby Steps is a unique group work programme which is provided jointly by NSPCC Practitioners and midwives. The programme is designed to support parents with the transition to parenthood in a fun, meaningful way and helps them engage positively with their babies.

NSPCC Jersey is using the Graded Care Profile tool to assess neglect. When this tool is used early on in a preventative way, it enables the right kind of support for parents to be put in place to enable them to parent successfully.

Children and young people who are in care or subject to a child protection plan can benefit from Safeguarding through Advocacy which aims to ensure children and young people have a clear voice in decisions that affect them.  We work in partnership with social workers to assist them in providing the best possible care.

The NSPCC has created a powerful  film ‘Coping with Crying’ for parents which prepares them for the stresses of a new baby including tips about soothing a baby , managing their own stress and the dangers of shaking a baby. This is delivered in partnership with Family Nursing and Home Care.

Family SMILES is a group work programme working with children who have at least one parent living with a mental health difficulty. This service is designed to work with both children and parents.

The annual cost of running these NSPCC services is around £400,000 a year and their funding relies solely on the generosity of Island residents, businesses and charitable organisations.  Many residents already make regular donations to the NSPCC in the UK but there is a now an opportunity to make these or new donations to NSPCC Jersey so that all the money stays in the Island.   

For more information on NSPCC’s services in Jersey please contact the Gower Centre on 01534 760800 or visit or find us on Facebook To make a donation, please call the above number or visit  

In 2013, we raised £1000 for Stroke Association Jersey!

We're thrilled to have handed Stroke Association Jersey a cheque for £1000 from the sale of our Royal Yacht burgers, a percentage from our online bookings and directly from charitable donations from our generous guests. 

In Jersey alone each year over 125 persons will suffer a Stoke. Young, old, male and female, students and professionals, place in society does not matter, a Stroke can and will affect someone you know personally or a friend, acquaintance or colleague. This condition does not discriminate. It is a condition that can kill or leave permanent disabilities and conditions requiring rehabilitation such as Asphia (loss of speech), paralysis or impaired senses such as sight and other long term conditions.

Of all those who suffer a Stroke it is known 1/3 will not survive, 1/3 will rehabilitate and be able to continue an active life and 1/3 will require continued support and medical attention for life. In Jersey we have survivors from as young as 13 years old who have benefited and continue to benefit from our services. The services we provide are funded by donations and fundraising efforts.

In Jersey Stroke is the single biggest killer of women. A shocking statistic however a true statistic and one the Stroke Association is all too aware of.

The Stroke Association strive to provide support and care , education and awareness of preventative measures as well as raising funds to ensure the service we provide is maintained in Jersey and continues to improve and grow. We currently have a network of volunteers who work tirelessly to bring Stroke to the forefront of the local community and also work hard to raise funds. With the assistance of the Information and support team of 2 in the island our work is somewhat cut out for us and we are looking forward to making an impact in 2013 in raising awareness funds and in turn the services provided.

Our latest fundraising project saw 112 islanders successfully cycling from London to Paris in 3 days to raise awareness and funds. Islanders who were stroke survivors, friends and family and colleagues of survivors all took part in this fantastic challenge. 

If you would like to get involved for give back, CLICK HERE

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